Friday, February 20, 2015

Jim Marchese and Twitter: A Leaky Faucet

One thing known for certain: There will be no Jim and on the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. If there is a next season.

Jim Marchese leaks more than a 50 year old faucet. Repeats himself over and over, with passive aggressive digs laced throughout this 41 minute rant:

After Buzz TV

Not since Simon van Kempen during Season 4 of the Real Housewives of New York has a “househusband” spent so much time and energy on ….and look what happened to him!

Saying Goodbye to Alex McCord

We don’t know if Jim makes it up as he goes along or what, but everything he says gets picked up by every blogger out there.  Here’s an example:

The Hollywood Gossip

The twins apparently had no idea that this scandalous information would be revealed on air, and they're said to be furious with Bravo execs.

In fact, they were so pissed when they first learned of the scene that they both immediately quit the show and refused to even finish filming for season six.

Amber Marchese's husband Jim tweeted about the controversy recently, and accidentally revealed that Teresa and Nicole have left the show:

"The twins quit because of this," Marchese tweeted and deleted. "So  I guess Bravo is trying to soften the blow in case they want them back."

It's not clear what Marchese meant by "soften the blow," but it's unlikely that the network will attempt to convince the sisters to come back.

The unexpected loss of two cast members mid-season will probably serve as the nail in RHONJ's coffin.

Production of Season 6 wrapped months ago, so cast members can’t be lost “mid-season”. Jim’s tweets have been a gift to some bloggers, for the one’s he’s threatening to sue, not so much. He says he was not asked to participate in the finale episode, and that “invitations were sent out for the reunion, he was not invited”.

He also says the reunion is scheduled for September 22-26. the reunion does not tape over 4 days, just one very long day. Joe and will be sentenced September 23.

What a presence, showing us his true character with every tweet.

When does he have time to work?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights on .

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Return November 2?

claudia jordan

This may be true, and not much of a surprise since   needs to speed up the production schedule, as their other “flagship” franchise,  The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is sinking faster than the Titanic in ratings.

Add to that, Bravo was blindsided by the courts when the sentencing of Teresa and was postponed from the original date, July 8, to September 23. Bravo will have to do some fancy footwork to change the final episodes of Season 6.

“Word on the street” (ha ha) has all the cast members returning, including and Kenya Moore. Bravo is adding Claudia Jordan and Demetria McKinney to the cast, a move designed to create fireworks.

from the Examiner:

Phaedra Parks  just announced the premiere date for the upcoming seventh season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta ." Although Bravo has yet to confirm the news, Parks took to Twitter where she shared the date with fans.

In a tweet earlier this week, Parks made the official announcement, telling fans she and the rest of the cast would return on Nov. 2.

According to an Aug. 26 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Parks said, “We will be back first Sunday in November!” The message came after a fan asked the mother of two about the new season.

Although Parks' return to "The Real Housewives of Atlanta " was pulled into question months ago after her husband, Apollo Nida , was sentenced to eight years behind bars, her co-star, recently confirmed she would be back.

Despite the blustering and shouting, the return of , at a reported $500K salary cut, was a foregone conclusion.

Where else does she have to go?

UPDATE:  The entire cast is  currently filming in Puerto Rico......don't display public foolery, famewhores! The locals won't appreciate it (been there, seen that, have the video and mugshots to prove it!)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently in production.

Vicki Gunvalson and the “Direct Effect”

the coto de caza home

Say what you will about “Family VAANN” Vicki Gunvalson, she is always 100% Vicki.

Sure, she lies about her income and how hard she works, but that seems to be quite normal for most Americans. You have to admire the fact that she understands the need for meaningful work. 

Vicki doesn't do well outside of her little circle of white, American, straight, Orange Bubble people. The same with growing up in Cary, IL, a small. mostly rural village many miles from Chicago. Vicki has a tunnel vision that doesn’t let her see past herself; if it has no direct effect on Vicki Gunvalson, it doesn’t matter to her. I’m sure she’d attend an HOA meeting if they spoke of raising the fees, but I doubt she votes in national elections. But, being Vicki, she can express outrage about how the country is run (Can you imagine what she says behind closed doors?) I’m sure it get much worse than “don’t scratchy the woody”  She's always inadvertently insulting people with her ignorance. She seems to be taking out her hurt and anger about Briana Wolfsmith ‘s  move on the entire state of Oklahoma, which is always in the news, not a “forgotten state” as Vicki claims. Vicki doesn’t watch the news….no “direct effect”.


vicki, back in the day

Mexico, Mexican people have no direct effect on Vicki, they are not people to her. And they tolerate the “Ugly American” very well. Feng Shui is only for Asians, and Caucasians. You don’t look gay? Interesting that Andy Cohen only called her out on the gay comments. Of course, Vicki made it worse by saying Andy was “all boy”.  Now that’s a good one, LOL.

That’s our Vicki.

With the Season 3 addition of Tamra Barney to the cast, the “mean girl” in Vicki came out.

Vicki the Vicious

That was also the season Vicki and Donn decided to downsize to a smaller house, then Vicki, imagining a direct effect this move would have on her image as a “wealthy land baroness” ,changed her mind, and blamed Jeana Keough for selling her the house!  Reality TV gold, that Vicki.

Vicki's "Olive Garden on the Green"

With the introduction of Gretchen Rossi in Season 4, with all her lies and subterfuges, Vicki, played wingman to Tamra Barney’s hatred, the same hatred, by the way, that we see on Tamra’s face when she looks at .

Naked Wasted: The Reunion

Too bad Bravo never re-runs Season 4.  Vicki takes her mother, an irascible old bitch, and Briana to Italy.

Vicki Gunvalson, the Ugly American

But the saddest move Vicki ever made was hooking up with Brooks Ayers, a light-weight con artist from Mississippi who had watched Vicki on the show

Brooks and Vicki Since 2007

Enter Season 8, when Lauri Waring Peterson rears her sizeable head, returning as a “friend”. That’s when all the old backstories that made this franchise so interesting also returned:

The Letter Sent To Vicki Gunvalson (EXCLUSIVE)

Leaving Vicki in such a rage that she damn near caused an avalanche while filming in Canada.

While all these shenanigans are going on,  Donn and Vicki settle their divorce, with Vicki writing Donn a $95,000 check because she took money from an account fraudulently, according to RadarOnline

Vicki Frees Donn


The Court Documents

Vicki is selling that white elephant of a home of hers, says she’s moving to Dana Point. That move will mark the end of the Coto de Caza housewives. The creator of the series, Scott Dunlop, continues to live there.  So much for “behind the gates’.

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9 Reunion episode airs Monday, September 1 on .

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bravo TV Ignores Teresa Giudice’s Plea

teresa at the ny post interview

It’s a bit late in the game for , scheduled for sentencing September 23, to protest ’s plan to have cameras in the courtroom.

For five years, we have watched as she allowed her children to be exploited for the sake of a reality show, so why bother to bite the hand that feeds you ?

From Radar Online:

Bravo is refusing to listen to   requests.

 “Teresa doesn’t want cameras from Bravo to be at her sentencing on September 23rd, and has told producers of the show her thoughts. Bravo doesn’t care what Teresa wants or thinks, and they are done protecting her,” a source told RadarOnline. “So, Bravo will absolutely send cameras and plans on utilizing for the reunion show. It’s no secret that the ratings are in the gutter, and Bravo knows there will be a lot of drama during Teresa’s sentencing.” Source say Teresa believes Bravo is exploiting her legal issues for ratings. “Giudice recently lost her patience after Bravo arranged for her to do a sit-down interview with the New York Post which “ended up being an absolute hatchet job,” the insider reveals. “Teresa agreed to do a limited amount of press to promote the Real Housewives of New Jersey,” the source explains. “Bravo insisted that she do the interview with the paper. During the interview, Teresa felt the direction of it was negative, but the Bravo publicist did nothing to stop it, or get it back on track. Teresa felt the publicist should have done more to protect her, or stop the interview.”

Teresa Giudice's NY Post Interview

Yes, the interview was a train wreck, but what can she expect?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights on .

Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye, Caroline Manzo

albie, chris, lauren and caroline at Little Town on Mother's Day, 2013


The Machiavellian Genius known as @Andy ain’t running things over at for nothing!  What a clever move…..give Caroline Manzo and her clan a spin-off, Manzo'd With Children to get her off of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  After all, he couldn’t bring himself to fire his surrogate mother!

So far, the clan is filming a pilot episode, so we’ll see where that goes.

In the meantime, Caroline may have been ready to leave the show because she was afraid the “secret” would come out…….are Caroline and Al Manzo still together? Other than the interactions between them during Season 5, and ’s assertion on the reunion that the Manzos fought throughout the Arizona trip ( too bad Teresa backed down when Caroline’s blood pressure rose) there’s also the photos posted on the Little Town website, taken Mother’s Day. There have been rumors for years stating he lives at the Brownstone, mostly with his girlfriend.  Why Caroline opened that can of worms both in her book and on the air is a mystery. Strategic first strike?

Caroline’s left her footprint on this series over the five seasons; ten toes of anger.  First, she’s angry with over coming into her life, co-opting , her sister-in-law, knowing Jac can’t keep her mouth shut. Her anger further extends to Danielle, over her interference in ’s custody and whether or not Lexie’s bio dad signed for her to appear on the show.  That’s the back story on her outburst at the end of Season 1.

Caroline Manzo's Anger

Caroline was given a “pass” during Season 2. She mostly polished her kitchen countertops and handed out “sage” advice to Teresa and Jacqueline. She wasn’t forced to interact with Danielle until the end of the season, when they had a “Sopranos” style sit-down.

But Caroline had other troubles during the second season. Her sister, Dina, decided to leave the show mid-season.  She was very afraid of Danielle and would not risk her child custody over a reality show. Back in those days, the contracts weren’t as air-tight, she left on good terms with Bravo.

According to timelines and other information, this is when the irreparable rift between the sisters occurred.  Dina refused to attend the Season 2 reunion. At that reunion, Caroline continued to focus on Danielle, but was beginning to see another fact: was the star of the show.

Caroline VS. Teresa, Dina......

Coming soon:  Part 2: Caroline Manzo and the Punta Cana Brawl