Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bethenny Frankel: Desperate is Not Pretty



Some things never change. The type of man Bethenny’s looking for is looking for the polar opposite of her.

Bethenny and her “have we met”, which a stand she takes, a mantra to who she is, can’t bend or suspend long enough to get a man.

Look at the advice she’s received this season:

LuAnn told her to lean in and act interested. 
Ramona Singer told her to date around. 
Alex told her she used a service.
Jill wants her to get the ri ng or other jewelry.
Jill's mom also weighed in.
Bethenny's hairdresser set her up.
Rosie tells her story, and says to her she has to fit her life into the man’s life.

Bethenny doesn’t really want a man she won’t have time for, she wants a child she won’t have time for.  Time is running out, and desperation is not attractive. Just sayin’

watch what happens

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