Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teresa Giudice Story All Smoke and Mirrors

Teresa Giudice clearly doesn’t know when to quit, especially if she’s getting paid.  She’s the cover story on In Touch Weekly , again.  Like a piece in , no sources are named.  All the information in the piece is public knowledge. 

From the article:

A source tells In Touch magazine that Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga are dealing with their own financial problems — and seeing Teresa doing better is driving them insane with jealousy!
During the Oct. 16 reunion, Caroline slammed Teresa for her financial problems when she herself is battling her own crisis. “She and her husband have big credit problems, and they’ve mortgaged the hell out of The Brownstone [the Manzo's event space],” a source close to Teresa claims. The Manzos are also dealing with two other situations: a scandal surrounding Caroline’s husband and a lawsuit against her sons.

The scandal surrounding Albert Manzo?  Al Manzo Fired From Water Commission by Gov; Christie

The against and Chris?  How disingenious of Teresa’s failure to disclose the fact that she and husband Joe Giudice  are responsible for the arrests in Punta Cana, when Teresa threw a drink on a woman in the bar and a brawl....about to go into litigation, unless Bravo TV pays off the victims, ensued. Not to mention that they are under a gag order, but ’s Teresa talking about it.


from the article:

Caroline has constantly been negative about Teresa’s cookbooks, products and appearances. “It’s sad that Caroline is trying to attack my livelihood,” Teresa told the magazine.
Jacqueline is also jealous that Teresa can afford a certain lifestyle when she’s facing money troubles. “I’ve seen her husband Chris’ credit cards declined numerous times,” admits the source.
An insider believes that Jacqueline sold a photo of Teresa’s husband Joe out with another woman, as a way to get revenge against Teresa.
And to top it all off, Teresa claims that the only reason that Melissa married her brother is for his money. “We were out to dinner with a few other couples,” Teresa says of an incident that took place early on in Melissa and Joe Gorga‘s marriage. “She got a little buzzed, and she said she didn’t like him when she first met him. ‘But then,’ she says, ‘I saw his house.’”


This “insider” doesn’t know very much. Kim Granatell’s publicist obtained the photo and sent it out to everyone, including me:

The woman in the photo is not Tara F., this is another old flame of Joe’s.

Joe Giudice Out With Another Girlfriend

In another part of the Twitterverse, displays a fair amount of immaturity by busting out instead of letting Teresa hang herself:

Teresa,keep spending all the money u do &making profit from peoplew/ fake stories u sell.It will catch up to u.U never stopped spending.

JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita

Another disgusting display of Teresas lies. Keep hanging yourself!Tell every1 the plan2file4bankruptcy#2@how u laugh At beating the system!

In the case of the Manzo’s finances, I found this, but it’s ancient history now.

The bulk of the Manzo family's income stems from their event and catering hall The Brownstone. But Caroline's husband Albert has been involved in over 30 judgments and liens (one brought on by a family member) since the early '90s up until two years ago . And while it can be expected that a business that deals with picky brides and numerous vendors to be caught up in several financial disputes, there was also a state tax lien in 2000 for $10,546.17, as well as a judgment in favor of the Federal Mortgage Association for $148,000, plus a few judgments in favor of the First Bank of USA and North Jersey Federal Credit for a combined total of over $10,000. It would seem that these specific issues, however, have been resolved.

None of these women know exactly what their husbands do to obtain money. Until they got Bravo income of their own, they didn’t wonder about it, either. Not just these women, but   of the , of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Nene Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, or Larsa Pippen of the Real Housewives of Miami.

  Part 2 of the Season 3  airs Sunday

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