Friday, November 25, 2011

Teresa Giudice On the Wendy Williams Show


Teresa Giudice on location for 'Celebrity Apprentice' - Nov 11, 2011

teresa on the set of “celebrity apprentice

was stunning in a red dress, with her long hair straight and parted down the middle,  but she needed Phaedra’s “prayer cloth” when she sat down.

Wendy launched into the Season 3   , saying she came off looking like the villain, after which the tide turned, as ’s bankruptcy and the Manzo came to the forefront.

A new, media-savvy Teresa emerged.  In a couple of classy moves, she dodged Wendy’s questions about her cast mates and all questions about Celebrity Apprentice.

Wendy did ask about the night of the infamous Posche Fashion Show, when Joe was out with another woman. She says she and Joe are very happy. (of course)

Teresa did admit to speaking to Dina Manzo last week.

Wendy, in her frustration dubbed Teresa “cryptically shady”.

Some of Teresa’s recipes from”Fabulicious”, her second cookbook, were taste tested by Wendy.

At the end of the , when asked if Juicy Joe ate this food, Teresa’s answer was the Teresa we know:

“Joe eats all my food and eats me too”.

Without the inappropriate comment, would we know her? So much for classy.




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