Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joe Giudice Gets Caught

confronts joe on the of new jersey

A short history lesson: During Season 1 of the , there was a cast member named DeShawn Snow, then married to Eric Snow of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to sources, she was not only let go after only one season because she was boring, but because then husband Eric treated her so badly on camera that the production crew had to warn him and re-shoot most of their scenes. A year later:


The point?  Things sure have changed in Bravo TV land. On an upcoming episode of the , Joe Giudice is caught on the telephone with one of his hoochie-mamas, with many speculating it is the elusive  Tara, the girlfriend he has had for years, who once posted under the twitter handle of petiteposie.  I broke this story in August 2010, from a source I promised to never name.

The production crew not only picks up the conversation, it has been widely reported that it will be featured on the August 19, 2012 episode. Commercials on Bravo with the hateful, ugly words Joe uses talking about Teresa. A featured item on the Bravo TV website.  Endless speculation and moral outrage because Teresa will not leave Joe.

Joe was a fool to get caught with his microphone on.  Teresa is so accustomed to horrible treatment she could never think of divorce. She is a traditional Catholic, divorce is out of the question.  The humiliation she must be feeling can only be eclipsed by the way this will affect her daughters, especially Gia, the oldest.

Bravo TV is looking for a ratings bonanza from this family’s pain, and they will get it.  Advertisers will be happy, will be especially happy, the other RH’s on the New Jersey Housewives show will be jumping for joy.

Wonder if there’s a hell?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sunday nights on Bravo.

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