Monday, April 23, 2012

Teresa Giudice Owns Sunday Night


How would you like to be on two reality television shows simultaneously? That’s the strange phenomenon we experienced last night with the intrepid last night. In  addition, this will be true for at least one more Sunday night as well. Teresa is now in the final 6 contestants on Celebrity Apprentice.

You know the Manzo’s, Gorga’s and Wakile were praying to St. Michael and every other saint they could think of that Teresa would be fired from Celebrity Apprentice last night.  Why do I say that? Because that’s how they roll.

The premiere episode of the   was a bash Teresa crapfest. The amusing thing about it: all they did was help promote her second book, “Fabulicious”.Did any of these rocket scientists think of that? Of course not. Do any of them have a storyline?  Of course not.

It’s not that Teresa is a rocket scientist either. Born in a small, inbred hamlet in Italy, Teresa never heard or spoke a word of English until she went to school. Coming from the parents she and have, I’m sure their Italian isn’t that great either. Street smart Teresa has come a long way from her roots, very fast.

Many of her fans admire tenacious people, no matter their education or background. Teresa, upon learning that she and creepy husband Joe Giudice are 11 million dollars in debt, and that they would both go to prison if they didn’t withdraw their , went to work, determined to pay back all their creditors.

She gets no credit for this among her cast mates, led by . When she was bashed by cast mates last week for not attending the media blitz that accompanies Bravo premieres, she told HollywoodLife:

The truth, Teresa Giudice told exclusively, is very simple, straight forward and drama-free. “My new book, Fabulicious!: Fast & Fit, is coming out May 15 and I need to do press for it on TV shows, but you can’t get booked for the same shows within a span of three weeks,” she explained .

“I really need to go on the shows to promote my cookbook and both our RHONJ network, Bravo and the shows producers are fine with me missing the RHONJ promotions, they understand,” she added.

How would you like her grueling schedule for her new cookbook?

It was pointed out by her brother last night that she speaks to the tabloids and is featured in them for money. Does he have 11 million dollars to give her? Oh, that’s right, he has his own problems:

Will Caroline Manzo bail out the Giudices?   Oh, maybe not, word on the street is is about to go into foreclosure, and then there’s this:

Another Lawsuit for the Manzo/Laurita Clan

Glass Houses, Anyone?

The R of New Jersey airs Sunday nights on Bravo

Celebrity Apprentice airs Sunday nights on NBC

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