Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Leave Gia Giudice Alone!

I was unable to write about Episode 5 of the R of New Jersey yesterday because I’m trying for a level of objectivity here, but DAMN.

Episode 5 was a perfect example of why children should be kept off these shows. What has happened on the message boards and twitter was much worse than the Lauri Waring/ Josh Waring/ debacle after Season 1 of the , when message boards were forced to change the way they do business because of the criticisms leveled at underage children. Because of the level of insanity targeting her children, , George’s ex-wife, would not let her minor children be shown on Season 3, and has suffered for it every since.

I taught elementary school for 30 years. In that time, I’ve seen the way children and their relationships to adults has changed. Not touting myself as an expert, but I’ve seen plenty, especially since the advent of Facebook and Twitter.

It was wrong of Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita to corner an upset Gia Giudice like that, instead of just leaving her alone.  The 16 year old girl temper tantrum of yesterday is the 11 year old tantrum of today.  How dare they not get the girl’s mother and leave that child alone?

We truly get that hates because her precious “children” were held by police in Punta Cana during a brawl in January 2011.  The filming of Episode 5 was late June/ early July, 2011, just to keep things in perspective.

But Teresa’s kids should be off limits ... Caroline, along with the passive-aggressive ,  basically ganged up on a little girl ... after the games, they assumed what was going on with Gia, without asking. In every episode , beginning with the Season 3 ,  Caroline stated she was never really friends with Teresa.  So, doesn’t that mean you leave the child of your enemy alone, and go get her mother, as requested?  Did Caroline know Teresa had been slated for Celebrity Apprentice by this time, not her or her boring ass Albie?  HMMM.......


Gia should not have sassed Caroline and Jacqueline. Children as savvy as Gia do know, from years of handling non-evolved grandparents, a drunken stupid father, teachers, an absent mother and three sisters, that sometimes you don’t say anything. But she knows they hate her mother, so even though she can’t articulate it, she knew they had an agenda. 

Jacqueline and the book? No wonder Ashley Holmes has turned out like she has. By the way, rumor has it she is back in Las Vegas with her relatives, having run out of money in Los Angeles.

Teresa comes in and Caroline lies and says "I'm telling her you are having fun with Uncle Joe “ Then when Gia tells the truth, she lies again,  by saying  no one was reprimanding her.  Caroline then tells  Teresa she said "let's go out on the deck and get Mommy" That was a lie.

The jury is still out on Teresa's kids but spare me from either Caroline or Jacqueline giving parental advice given the loathsome specimens they have spawned. Prince , and are just lazy famewhores living on Bravo TV’s dime.  And Ashley Holmes? Please.

Why call out Caroline? Because she doesn’t explain, she pontificates. In the meantime:

  • Boys are perfect no matter how they look, but girls must be thin? Greggy Bennett’s only role on the show is to pick on Lauren.
  • Caroline and her revisionist history. Before her lap-band surgery between Season 2 and 3, Caroline was quite over-weight for her height.

DINA MANZO'S WEDDING...check out Caroline’s weight

Why are so many so-called adults calling out Gia personally, attacking an 11 year old who has no choice ?  Too vicious for me, but predictable. Not saying Teresa doesn’t share blame, Gia should not be on twitter.

The largest share of the blame goes to Bravo TV and .  They know the harm caused by featuring minor children on screen, do they care? Hell to the no.  They  inadvertently attacked Gia on Watch What Happens, Live!  with that stupid poll.

Does this season just get uglier and uglier?  Looks like it. I stopped watching and blogging about Basketball Wives after Season 1, the same could happen here.

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